Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Make-up Top Picks!

Hi Again!

I feel like I've caught the blogging bug, I'm loving it so far. So today I'm gunna talk about a few of my favourite make-up items of the moment!

The Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation... wow.
Although a little more pricey this foundation is well worth it. I would say it gives a light to medium coverage which for me is perfect, Barely feels like you have foundation on, covers all of those red spots and blemishes but allows the natural best bits to show through like your freckles! This foundation always gives me a sun kissed glow ( I'm naturally as white as a sheet so this a massive benefit). It has a slight shimmer to it but for me I don't mind this, I don't feel like it's obvious and if your in the sun it makes you look healthy. This foundation photographs perfectly however this brings about the only negative for me and that is no SPF! while not a big deal, I can just slap some on before the foundation, it would have been nice to have it included especially living in Australia, SPF is a must at all times. I cannot recommend this foundation enough and your money will go a long way. Mine has lasted forever!

That Brings me onto my next favourite. The Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette. A bronze, highlighter and blush all in one small palette, perfect for travelling! all three have been picked to perfectly compliment each other and my goodness they really do. I love the bronzer, It's perfect for contouring or if your pale like me I like to lightly dust this all over my face just to give me a bit more colour (watch out there is a slight shimmer, don't go too crazy!). I like to use the highlight on my cheekbones, cupid's bow and brow bone, and I find with most highlighters if you put it on your cupid's bow it will last an hour or two and then it's gone, this one certainly has more lasting power, All three are super blendable and extremely pigmented so don't be too heavy handed. The one negative I have is that once you've swirled the bronzer a few times it ends up all over the palette and then soon enough you have bronzer mixed in with highlight, so its one you have to make a very conscious effort to keep clean. 

My last favourite for today is The Body Shop vitamin E face mist. I use this as a toner, pick me up, make-up setter, make-up refresher and so much more. This product is such a little multitasker, getting your worth out of it is not hard and its perfect for travelling if you want to cut down what your taking for extra shopping space. It's so refreshing to spritz on before make-up and I also find that it helps my make-up to glide on nicer and sit better and last longer overall. I't makes my skin feel healthy and like it's getting what it needs an added bonus is that its super easy and there are no excuses for not giving your skin that quick spritz. If my body is feeling a bit dry I also like to spray it on my arms and legs and rub it in, it makes my legs look healthy and moisturised ready for a day in shorts!

Let me know what your favourites are? I love finding gems that becomes staples for me. Let me know what you think about my favourites, if you hate them, love them or are going to give them a go!
Bye for now

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