Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Essie Everything!

Hi again,

So if you couldn't guess by the title, I am loving Essie at the moment. The quality is amazing, you really can tell the difference! With Such a beautiful range of colours the quality never falters and I have not had a bad one yet!

Essie go ginza
This is a mix between a light pink and a lilac. Put this colour on with a tan and it looks sensational! All of the Essie colours have great lasting power and this is a perfect colour for spring and summer. I also get the feeling it makes my fingers look slimmer which is always a bonus!

Essie Fiji
This is another summer favourite for me. This colour is a light pink and also looks great with a tan. Its more subtle than go ginza and less in your face! Doing this post has also made me realise I have a thing for pinks.

Essie Bahama Mama
This is a perfect colour for winter. Its a purple-Red which appears rather dark but with the light you can see the shades of purple and red through it. Although i said this colour is perfect for winter, it also looks amazing with a nice tan and is certainly slimming on the fingers ( I have chubby fingers so anything that slims them down i will take!).

Essie Sugar Daddy
Perfect for the subtle no polish look or give it a few coats and the end result is a nice blush colour. This is my go to polish when i don't want anything too bright or eye catching. Its perfect if your going for interviews or something important which does not call for bright hot pink! It really gives your nails a nice and healthy shine. 

Essie drying top coat
This is a must have for anyone who hates doing their nails, don't have the time or if your one of those who instantly needs the toilet once you have finished your nails and then spends about 20 minutes trying to pull your jeans up and down like a ninja!  Pop this on at the end and it takes at most 20 minutes for your nails to be completely rock solid dry! To help it along and make the process even faster i pop my hands in a sink of cold water for up to two minutes and this saves even more drying time!

Essie Gel Top Coat
This Top coat truly makes your nails look and feel like you've just been to the salon for a shellac manicure! It does take a little while to dry but if you have plenty of time on your hands then its well worth the wait! It keeps my nails nice and strong and i don't get any chipping for at least three days and these days that's a miracle! It is designed to go on top of Essie polishes so other brand colours i have used underneath don't seem to have the same end result, but if you already have yourself a nice collection of Essie colours then your good to go!

Those are a few of my favourite and i'm sure my collection will carry on growing to my partners dismay! Let me know what your favourites are (that way i can go and have a look). Send for help, its a dangerous addiction!

                                                           Bye for Now

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