Friday, 6 March 2015

Home Away From Home

Hi There!

since I've decided to create a blog I should probably tell you all a little about me. I am from Southampton, England however a year ago i made the biggest decision to date ( I'm only young! have lots more to come) to move to Sydney, Australia with my boyfriend of nearly 6 years now and my family.
you may be wondering how old I am being in a 6 year relationship well.... I'm only 21.
Living in Sydney has been a big change for me. I love everything beauty and fashion related however over here it doesn't seem to be such a big deal. People walk around in bikinis without a trace of make up and a towel slung around their neck. I haven't seen a single person wearing a bold red lipstick since being over here! 

I really just wanted somewhere, where I can talk about all the things I love so I don't feel so far away from home. Its such a different lifestyle over here don't get me wrong it's amazing over here. Maybe I'm too English!

Bye for now!


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