Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Hi guys!

Today i wanted to tell you guys about HiSmile. HiSmile is a teethwhitening kit with a bit of a difference, it is peroxide free. Peroxide is the main cause of sensitivity if you have tried other teeth whitening methods before and boy does it make a difference. If you already have sensitive teeth then you may know my pain! Trying all these different products to find you cant use them after a few tries because they have made your teeth so delicate. Don't forget about the many other nasty effects peroxide can have from stripping tooth enamel to bleeding gums.

So with this kit you get a small system with three syringes of the gel formula. The system works almost like a gum shield. It is led light based and an application takes 10 minutes but you do have the freedom to leave it in slightly longer if you wish to. You simply dispense the gel evenly around the gum shield and then pop it in your mouth, make sure its nicely lined up and then press the button to start your light and timer. I find this formula so gentle you can use it day after day!

Afterwards it is really easy to clean. The gum shield comes apart from the led light and you simply rinse it clean and leave it for your next application.

I began seeing results after the third application, they say the maximum results come between 6-8 applications and i agree. If you buy the set the three syringes will easily do 6 applications, more if used sparingly. Wow i really do love this system my teeth looked amazing. The only downside would be for me i didn't feel like the results lasted very long. 

I would love to know if anyone else has found a good whitening system that works for them and lasts! 

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