Tuesday, 10 March 2015


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So here in Australia summer is coming to an end which means I can get excited about winter and burn lots of candles! (I would be mad to burn them in the summer here) 
So I thought I would share some candles I am loving. I am missing Yankee candles however! there doesn't seem to be anything like Yankee over here yet (maybe I should start something! bit too ambitious?)

Although a bit more expensive this Ecoya sweet pea and jasmine candle is too die for! It's a sweet floral scent that is refreshing and perfect for summer burning, if it's not stupidly hot where you are. The bigger ones last between 40-50 hours of burning time and the glass jar is perfect to store make-up brushes, stationary or anything else you could think of afterwards!

whilst I cannot get Yankee candles over here I have savoured my favourites until my next trip back to England to stock up on more ( my poor bank balance, once I go over my baggage allowance).
This honey and spice is the perfect winter scent. Put on your favourite movie, shut out the cold and rain and burn this and it is heaven! It is the perfect amount of sweetness that it's not overpowering. My Boyfriend even loves this scent, and he usually hates candles. So it's a perfect in between scent that will win over any man-egos against nice smelling candles!  

I cannot provide a picture of the actual candle itself but the Catori coco-lime candle is another one of my favourites. This is another scent perfect for summer, It reminds me of being being on holiday, sat on the beach enjoying a nice cocktail... hmm I wish! One thing I love about Catori candles is that once burning you can use the wax as hand oil or massage oil which i think is an amazing benefit and it leaves you feeling relaxed, nourished and smelling amazing. You can follow Catori candles on Instagram. They are soon going to be available online, but for now you can purchase them in the manly market if your so lucky as to be in the area. 
I hope I helped satisfy a few noses with new scents. let me know some of your favourites, and if you live in Australia help me out! let me know where you get your candles from, I'm finding it hard so far.
Bye for now

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